Our Philosophy

Sunnyside Daycare’s philosophy is to simply serve the needs of your children.  Our primary focus is to love, nurture and take the best possible care of your children in a fun, warm, loving and educational environment.  Our secondary focus is to begin the process of childhood education through learning activities, both formal and informal, while keeping our play-based learning program entertaining and creative.

Our daycare is licensed by the Ministry of Education and adheres to the requirements of the Childcare and Early Years Act. Sunnyside Daycare has classrooms serving children aged 6 months to 6 years.  Our loving caregivers= continuously strive to foster and recreate the nurturing environment parents provide for their own children at home.

Frequent staff meetings are scheduled to ensure that our care objectives are achieved, with regular feedback to parents being core to our philosophy.

Staff members are registered early childhood educators with an abundance of experience, and our entire team is focused on supporting each other and providing a nurturing environment.